Ashley Gagne

Like the roses that grew through the concrete, Ashley found her sense of purpose after a series of traumatic events and hardships that brought out her deepest empath.  Finding an outlet for healthy introspection she channeled her inner creativity into her love and passion for repurposing furniture.  Furniture that needs a little concentrated; tender, love and care, she can resurrect back to a new and improved life.  

Born and raised in a small working class beach town of Maine, Ashley was no stranger to long isolated winters in a destination summer town that bustled with life for only 3 months out of the year. With an infectious outgoing personality and loud boisterous presence, her need for creative environments and interior design became an enriching part of her existence & life experience.  She has mentored and guided many who are seeking ways to reinvent themselves and is often called upon for inspirational guidance.  Ashley is known for focusing her energies on her spiritual practice & meditation, but she also balances her love for refurbishing projects alongside being the world’s most energetic mother of 3.  

Ashley truly is a force of nature, and has set her intentions on the betterment of mankind. She decided to pursue her dream for home decor and interior design in early 2017, after painting her first piece of furniture and accidentally discovering natural abilities with the paintbrush.  It’s probably self explanatory how her story would unfold from here, but she created an accidental demand for her talents when she rehabbed an old dresser, to surprise her mother while she was vacationing in Florida.  Her fiancé was mistaken that her refurbished piece wasn’t an item purchased from Home Good’s. To show his faith in her he began setting up a workshop in the garage and encouraged her to keep finding gems to breathe life into. 

Ashley never could have imagined herself being where she is today. She never envisioned a future as a furniture artist nor did she think she would have the opportunity to paint alongside the best painters in the industry. Between being a full time entrepreneur, mother of 3, fiance and furniture collector, Ashley is currently in the final stages of developing an app that will be launched sometime in 2021.  And if you thought that wasn’t enough, she’s also writing a book to empower women through adversities from a perspective of self discovery and self care. So make sure to tack on the dream of becoming a NY Times best selling author to her bucket list, and place any bets on her relentless ambition that it will happen. 

You can catch Ashley’s contagious personality live on her Facebook page and is frequently humbled by those who look to her for guidance and inspiration. She teaches new paint techniques, demonstrates different products and painting styles such as: shabby chic, French farmhouse, and modern woman classy with lots of bling. She’s also known for her image work such as applying image stencils on furniture and other home decor pieces.

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